Residency programme for dance and other pioneers

Starting from 2015 Staton has developped a new residency program StationOne for artists, researchers, theoreticians and producers who deal with contemporary dance and all relevant artistic, theoretical or activist practices.

StationOne is a platform which has been built up in previous years through various activities and programmes of Station and through collaborations with many partner organizations and networks. With its formal establishment we want to capitalize on our past work and the results in encouraging contemporary dance in Serbia and the Balkans and to open possibilities for a broader and more intensive use of such created resources.

We believe that it is of utmost importance to secure continuous presence of visiting artists and thinkers from different fields in Belgrade and Serbia because it is the way to open up space for critical thinking of our own environment, working conditions, flows of ideas and people. Interaction that StationOne will advocate for and encourage – the one between local and visiting authors, between dance and theory, visual arts, architecture, film, music, literature, new media etc, between public institutions and independant actors – should be trigger for a more systematic, intensive and visible work of the local contemporary dance scene.

StationOne is also a tool that enables artists from Serbia and the Balkans to go to residencz programmes around the world through Station’s exchange schemes.

StationOne takes place in Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, the only free space for contemporary dance in Belgrade.

StationOne started with the exchange that Station had established with Akademie Schloss Solitude from Stuttgart, one of the biggest and most important residency centers in Europe. Each year one or more artists will have an opportunity to live one to three months in Solitude. During the first year the Solitude residents were members of Walking Theory collective, Ana Vujanović, Marta Popivoda i Bojana Cvejić. In Belgrade we hosted choreographer Nestor Garcia Diaz and dramaturge and theoretician Ivana Ivković

Beside them, so far StationOne hosted the following artists:

Zeina Hanna from Lebanon/Germany (October 2015) came to Belgrade thanks to exchange with Uferstudios from Berlin, and in the frame of Life Long Burning project.

Christian Bakalov from Bulgaria/Belgium (February 2016) worked in Magacin due to collaboration with workspacebrussels from Brussels and the project Life Long Burning.