Special Issue

Conceived as a performed magazine, this Special Issue #0 came as a response to the recent multiplication of discursive performances. This development often takes place in the margins of more conventional production formats and Special Issue gives it its own frame. The artists engaged with Special Issue work across countries and form together a transnational community. This community develops a discourse, a set of questions, notions and articulations that feed and constitute it. In the same time these artists live somewhere and each one’s political, economic, social, professional and personal context differs greatly depending of the place they inhabit. The public of each issue, with its expectations and concerns, varies as well.

In the frame of Special Issue, Station proposed a format of laboratory for collaborative research of dancers, choreographers, curators and visual artists around the concept of choreography of attention”.
The origin of the concept goes to the work of choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander and visual artist Sinisa Ilic and their performance Exercise for Choreography of Attention: Point of No Return realized as a book. The working process that generated the book was based on the mutual challenges with visual, textual and movement material, curatorial attempts and political statements. In the final format of the book, designed and laid out, these processes materialized as a tool for choreographing attention of the performers. And the performers are in the same time members of the audience.