Nomad Dance Academy

STATION is one of the initiators of NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY along with partners from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Skopje, Sofia and Sarajevo –

Nomad Dance Academy (NDA) was launched in 2005 as an initiative of artists and cultural workers in the field of contemporary performing arts which strives to establish a space for permanent exchange and cooperation in post-conflict, traumatized and disoriented societies in this region. Our desire to work together, collaborate and overcome boundaries – physical, political and psychological which overwhelm contemporary art and culture, was the starting point for a unique model of regional cultural collaboration.

After 7 years of building a sustainable cooperation, development of new models and education policies, organisation and promotion of contemporary performing arts in the Balkans, platform and network Nomad Dance Academy is material proof that contemporary dance is a manifestation of the process of democratisation in the Balkan societies and that it holds great capacities for its further growth.

From the very beginning Nomad Dance Academy network has contemplated its own actions and its part, trying to be open and respond to the changes in its surroundings. This network and platform, as a regional structure in permanent growth and in a learning process, strives to constantly connect different actors around a common discourse and articulate the relevant need in the context of the Balkan region and neighbouring countries.

Also, NDA aspires to develop its capacities so that it becomes visible as a relevant and competent advocate for the needs of the entire sector.

The most significant programmes within NDA platform are NDA Education programme, as the only regional systematic and contextual education programme in the field of contemporary dance; Nomad Dance Advocates, a platform for advocating regional cooperation and a better position of contemporary dance in the regional cultural systems; Jardin d’Europe, a significant actor in the field of contemporary dance in Europe, especially regarding the promotion of young artists. This network has established the only European award for young choreographers Prix Jardin d’Europe, which has been won also by two artists from Belgrade – Dalija Aćin (2008), a founding member of Station and Dragana Bulut (2010) also a member of Station.