The Lionhearted will ignite and support the international breakthrough of emerging European contemporary performing artists through creating a platform of 20 arts organizations. Bunker, Ljubljana (with a rich history of supporting emerging artists) chose 20 arts organizations from Europe – with special attention to the outskirts of Europe – that have experience in supporting emerging artists and fostering arts cooperation beyond borders.

Emerging artists are not defined merely as young, but we will create an antipode to the current arts system that either perpetually supports the big, recognized names or young, cheap, inexperienced, precarious artists, shoving them into the arena and spitting them out if they do not instantly succeed. We will support artists that have proven successful but have not had a major international breakthrough yet and for whom programmers believe could have meaningful impact also to audiences outside their national context.

All member organizations will host or tour emerging artists and with the support of the platform not only enable “the move” across borders, but also the back-up: besides covered expenses (fee, travel, subsistence) also promotion, audience building and positioning in a bigger picture – the Liohearted.