Jovana Rakić Kiselčić

Jovana Rakić Kiselčić

Holds a graduate degree in Anthropology, Philosophical Faculty Belgrade and a Masters degree in Dance Dissemination, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, Germany. She was a recipient of Dance Web scholarship 2011 and took part in Nomad Dance Academy 2010 and ENPARTS Open Campus, Dansens Hus Stockholm 2011.

During this period she often collaborated with artists coming from different backgrounds. Since 2008 she is also dedicated to and started collaborating with socially marginalized groups and individuals in Serbia: people with disabilities, war veterans. In this context she worked as a performer, dancer and dance pedagogue within projects The Day After, Body Frame, Right to Art, Together.

Her artistic work includes: Concerto for Three Bodies (performed in 8:tension program Impulstanz 2012) made in collaboration with Aleksandar Georgiev and Azra Ibrahimović, Skin is the Wall made in collaboration with Adrijana Lubina and Jelena Stojiljković. Solo dance authorships: Accumulated Figures, SS and above and A Mind Cut, which opened festival Pleskavica in Ljubljana 2010; Choreography of Imagination – MA research and performance, dance performance Species.

She wasone of six authors engaged in the project Temporaries supported by APAP network (2012-2013) which gathered emerging choreographers and performing artists from Belgrade (with Ana Dubljević, Dušan Broćić, Igor Koruga, Ljiljana Tasić, Marko Milić).

During 2014 she became interested and active in projects with focus on performing arts and dance education for children through national and international projects Generator and Kaleidoscope.

Jovana performed in pieces made by: Boris Čakširan, Jana Jevtović, Dalija Aćin, Dragana Bulut, Andjelija Todorović, Dušan Murić, Fahrudin Salihbegović, Odile Duboc, Bojana Mišić, Katzura Kan, Danica Arapović, Soeren Siebel etc.

As an author and performer she took part in festivals in country and abroad, among others she was engaged in:  Bitef (Belgrade), Infant (Novi Sad), ImpulsTanz (Vienna), TheaterSzene (Cologne), Kondenz (Belgrade), Pleskavica (Ljubljana), Platform of Young Choreographers (Zagreb), Locomotion (Skopje), Off Frame (Belgrade), FIAT (Podgorica), Performing Arts Market (Thessaloniki), Shaking Body (London).

In 2011. together with fellow artists she initiated Off Frame festival which focuses on socially engaged performing art and is happening every December in Belgrade, Serbia.

J. Rakić is interested in researching and creating in a context of performing arts and dance dissemination in contemporary context. She has collaborated and worked within different groups and organizations such as Station, group Let’s…, ErgStatus Dance Theatre.


Concerto for Three Bodies, premiere PTL, Ljubljana 2012

Temporaries, 2012- 2013.

Presentations of workshops, performances, working with marginalized groups in Serbia

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