Dalija Aćin Thelander

born on 15. 10. 1974.
Address: Friherrgatan 14, 1102, 16558 Stockholm
phone: +46709462027
email: dalija.acin@yahoo.com

Dalija Aćin Thelander works within the performing arts field as a choreographer, theatre maker and cultural worker.

She presented her works internationally on numerous festivals such as Impulstanz, Tanz im August, Les Particules, Perforations, BITEF etc. In 2008 she received Prix Jardin d’Europe for the performance “Handle with great care” on 8:tension, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna.
Her current work aspires to contribute to the notion of choreography as expanded practice and focuses on the participatory role of the audience.
She is involved in intensive explorations in the field of contemporary dance for children and babies. She created several dance performances for children and babies as well as a choreographed installation for babies “Baby Space” which has been produced so far in Serbia, Poland and Denmark.

She is co-founder and coordinator of Station Service for Contemporary Dance Belgrade, co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy for which she initiated, curated and produced numerous programs and productions.  She is a co-founder and co-curator of Kondenz festival for performing arts in Belgrade.
She collaborated with numerous theatre directors and won several awards for choreography for drama theatre.

As a free lance artist she lives in Stockholm, Sweden since 2012.