Kondenz 2016

21st to 27th of October 2016
Venues: Magacin u Kraljevića Marka, Cultural Centre REX, BITEF Theatre and club “Petak”, Belgrade

For any kind, variety of a side-track of dance which reflects.
For any choreography of physical or mental bodies which re-questions.
For theory which feels.
For research, experiments, risk.
For an audience who takes part in arts.
For political art.
For art which is not only a product.
For collective practices and organizational principles.
For the artist – citizen.
For transparent procedures.
For continuity of work.
For a united and visible dance scene.
For new generations.
For the next KONDENZ.

This years` edition of the KONDENZ festival is created by Ana Dubljević, Dalija Aćin Thelander, Dragana Bulut, Dušan Murić, Igor Koruga, Jovana Rakić, Ksenija Đurović, Marijana Cvetković, Marko Milić and Mirjana Dragosavljević.

KONDENZ festival will be held in Belgrade for the ninth time. It will present the pieces of local choreographers and authors who again have to prove their existence and the value and relevance of their work for the pulse of this city.

Festival program:

October 21st at 7pm in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – SPECIES

The performance was created as a result of a project concerning the inclusion of young artists in the professional contemporary dance context. It focuses on their relationship to contemporary dance, dance institutions, their perception of (current) situations of the local and global dance scenes, the perception of their future, elections and decisions with which they have had to live as well as their own view on what they are offered to consume or deal with in the field of art and media.

Species are co-produced, in which a choreographer with the support of a dramaturge, sets the framework and principles, while performers determine parameters such as text, rhythm, breaks, level of presence and absence. Artists are corresponding with different tasks, communicating about their experiences and putting them in a wider social context. The performance is partly trying to offer a response to the generationally heterogeneous team, where various references enter (in)directly and where it is not always clear who is speaking and to whom, where tasks are multidirectional and the answers are mixed. This emphasizes and abolishes specificity and avoids narrative structure. It examines new species, which are construct, and therefore elusive.

Concept & choreography: Jovana Rakić
Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović
Performance, text: Jana Milenković, Mina Kontić, Nataša Šmelc, Tamara Pjević
Light and sound design: Marko Milinković, Bojan Palikuća
Music: BCH
Production: Stanica Servis za savremeni ples
Support: Rex Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Off Frame festival

October 22nd at 7pm in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – RESIDENCY PRESENTATION (Levi Gonzales & Mariana Valencia)

In the frame of GPS project of cooperation between the USA and Eastern Europe in the field of contemporary dance and performance, Kondenz Festival will host two New York based artists, Levi Gonzales and Mariana Valencia.

Levi will be sharing some of his current artistic research in a performative lecture format, as well as informally sharing his long history with the NYC based organization Movement Research and the impact it has had on him and the communities it reaches. He is also looking forward to opportunities to be in the studio with other artists to share creative practice and dialogue.

Mariana researches her performance work from a diaristic tableaux of personal narratives that encompass ethnography, memoir, and observations of her cross-cultural identifiers. She looks to the histories of urban spaces and juxtaposes them with her experiences in suburbia, the countryside and the imaginary plane. From these observations that are factual, humorous and grave, Mariana depicts the frame from where she self identifies herself. Mariana’s root query in these performed texts is, I’m not sure who will write a history about me; so I’m starting now so that they can have good notes. She performs these vignettes in the form of an album — both a descriptive picture and song album — to inform the audience about who she is and why. This work creates an expressive arch that links text, dance and song.

October 22nd at 9.30 pm in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – PUZZLE #2 PRESENTATION

Puzzle #2 is a platform for a systematic exchange of knowledge and experience between the generation of established choreographers and new, young artists so that new actors are introduced to the field of contemporary dance. By working with local choreographers, the participants will be able to gain new knowledge and skills – varying from dance and choreographic practices to production models.
Workshop presentation – showing of the participants’ work during a weeklong process led by choreographer Jovana Rakić and dramaturg Marko Pejović. The workshop was focused on researching and sculpting personal experiences and motifs, using them as the basis for performative expression.

October 23rd at 7pm in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – SPECULATIONS OF AN ORDINARY SERBIAN NEOLIBERAL OX

Inspired by a satirical novel of Radoje Domanović (1873 – 1908) and by fairy tales of capitalism. Two or three oxen, one wagon, a wooden fence and a tail that cannot pass. What else can one appropriate, so that no one else hangs him upside down and flogs him with a cowhide; what else can one destroy, so that everyone else tap your shoulder. Chewing the cud of life, roaring, discharging gases that form a rainbow beneath the ozone hole. All of this and a little bit of nothing in a plum dumpling.

Author: Dušan Murić
Music: Srđan Ilić and Dušan Murić
Performed by: Dušan Murić, Uroš Jovanović and Nikola Vranić
Organizers: Ksenija Đurović & Mirjana Dragosavljević
Producer: Marijana Cvetković for Station & Kondenz

October 23rd at 9.30 in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – NICE WEATHER FOR OPERATIVE SYSTEMS

As international freelance labor increases and culture becomes global due to the influence of the Internet, it is more frequent to experience feelings of non-belonging, in geographical terms as much as in our identity politics. This fragmentation brings with it a sense of diminishing political agency, since it seems it gets harder to achieve a political relevance in a constantly displaced context.

This feeling of displacement has also affected my art practice where I tend to work within different apparatuses, constantly shifting media and frames of representation. In this search I’m looking for areas where current discourses, arts, popular and underground cultures intersect, in an attempt to counter the dominant ahistoricism by tracing genealogies and traditions on those manifestations.

In this piece I attempt to engage with and problematize Internet culture with its own tools, by borrowing digital strategies and devices and remixing them with traditional and outmoded frames of representation. These frames can range from the use of traditional theater genres to re-appropriating digital processes through embodying them. Perhaps on those crossroads we can find the ground to regain certain agency.

Idea, Set Design, Costume, Video, Sound and Performance by: Néstor García
Texts by: Tony Oursler, Mike Kelley, Ryan Trecartin and Nestor Garcia
Duration: ±50min
Co-Production: Station Service for contemporary dance (Belgrade), Bâtard Festival (Brussels) and wpZimmer (Antwerp)
Thanks to: Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) and Kaaitheater (Brussels)

October 24rd at 7pm in BITEF Theatre – ONLY MINE ALONE

The work explores so called “negative emotions” of an individual as a significant quality of everyday life within the present capitalistic society. The inspiration for this research, besides the authors’ personal experiences, came from the theoretical and artistic work of Ann Cvetkovich, who treats them as social and cultural signifiers, rather than medical condition of an individual. The work supports public recognition of these emotions on a collective level, as a potential starting point for emergence of new forms of collectivity, solidarity and socio-political act.

Ana Dubljević and Igor Koruga
Performance space: Siniša Ilić
Performance space construction: Karkatag collective
Designer: Katarina Popović
Music: Darja Janošević
Producer: Ksenija Đurović
PR: Sanja Ljumović
Photos: Vladimir Opsenica
Co-production: Station Service for contemporary dance with the support of Departures and Arrivals (DNA) network through the Creative Europe programme, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and Bitef Theatre

October 25th at 7pm in BITEF Theatre – RETURN OF THE ZOMBIE, EP. 3

“Return of the Zombie” is third episode in a series of artistic research that is dealing with a zombie figure as a metaphor of our contemporary subjectivity. Through the process of constant changes of symbolic frames the zombie figure is instrumentalized to point out the fragile relation between reality and fiction, exposing the mechanisms through which our reality is being constructed.

There is no reason for fear.
Survival is the key word to remember.
Knowledge is a part of the struggle for survival; the rest must come from you. It depends on you whether you will end up in a passive acceptance or stand up and shout: “I won’t be a victim! I’ll survive.” The choice is yours. Therefore – cover the windows, barricade the doors, store supplies of water and food, radio, flashlight, tool kit, first aid kit, clothing, bedding, maps, important personal documents, cash, and other supplies that you may need the first few days until you find a shelter. After you have made your emergency kit, organize in groups and make a plan in case of attack. Identify the possible risks in your area. Make a list of local contacts like the police, fire department and local emergency response team. Carefully plan your escape route. Plan where to go and move in several directions. That way you always have the advantage, and in this case – they have no chance!

Author: Dragana Bulut
Artistic collaboration: Sara Tošić, Ljiljana Tasić, Ana Monteiro
Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanović
Graphic: Pernille Smith-Sivertsen
Producer: Ksenija Đurović
Support: Station Service for contemporary dance, [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, Tanzstipendium, der Regierende Bürgermeister Berlin, Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Ministry of Culture of Serbia, Bitef Theatre and Workspacebrussels
[DNA] Departures and Arrivals is co-financed by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme.

October 25th at 9.30 pm in the club “Petak” – KOREOEROTIKON

The dance most common in contemporary pop culture stresses the eroticism of the body, offers it as an imperative companion of pleasure and of (self)worth. In fertility rites the dance was part of ceremonial and spiritual practices, where the sexual act or reproductive processes were (symbolically) represented. Also, in fertility rites and in pop culture such representation in this specific context is adopted and encouraged by the group, whereas in ordinary circumstances it remains within the domain of privacy.

Choreoeroticon tackles this question: How could the contemporary need for eroticism be interpreted through a dancing performance and how could it be used for the purpose of improving society and not solely for its momentary satisfaction?

Ana Dubljević, Darja Janošević, Marko Milić
Music: Darja Janošević
Artistic collaboration: Aleksandra Jones
Visual material: Bojan Đorđević
Production: Ksenija Đurović
Thank you: Predrag Mladenović, Džonson, Isidora Stanišić, KC REX, Ivana Ašković, Bidadari – Indonesian dance studio, Andreja Široki and Marijana Cvetković
Production: Station Service for contemporary dance
Support: Nomad Dance Academy, Life Long Burning, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Culture Programme 2007-2013

October 26th at 7pm in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – KEJV

Is there a strong sexual fantasy without trauma?!

Author: Marko Milić
Performer: Svetozar Adamović
Assistant: Igor Koruga
Text: Marko Milić & Milica Urić
Translation and reading: Predrag Mladenović

October 27th at 11am in Magacin u Kraljevića Marka – WORKSHOP FALLING THROUGH SPACE

Charles Slender-White’s workshop consists of three main components: Learning a basic conceptual structure of space – The Cube – derived from the 9-point technique as developed by Anouk van Dijk, Amanda Miller, and William Forsthye; Improvisation within The Cube to play with possibilities for moving the body intentionally and legibly through space and as the third segment – Countertechnique master class focused on utilizing falling momentum, through space, as the motor for movement. Together, these components will give participants the opportunity to get sweaty, have fun, expand their range of movement, decrease their fear of taking risks, and clearly relate their movements to the space around them. Falling Through Space is available to all movers, and will feature a ridiculous playlist of 90s pop music.

October 27th at 7pm in BITEF Theatre – BEAUTY OF ACCIDENT

In ‘Beauty of Accident’ QUARTO continues their research within an artistic practice allied to choreography x philosophy.

What happens to the body when dealing with an object? Or when an object is imposed on the body? How can movement originate from an object? How to return to the object its subjectivity, once lost, in order for it to become object and serve a function? How can the object be redefined? What types of force do these bodies evoke? How can perception be provoked or affected through the manipulation of the object? What is an object? Would an object be the mode of perceiving a body? The mode of perceiving an interested body? There is always a relation of interest between the subject and object. For example, a rope is one thing when used to bind or hold something together, and another thing when used to threaten someone, which then becomes a weapon. So the rope in itself does not exist, but rather a manner of use.

Artistic director: Leandro Zappala
Choreography, concept & performance: Anna af Sillén de Mesquita & Leandro Zappala
Sound design: Philippe Boix-Vives
Video: Palle Lindqvist
Poet: Naima Chahboun
Philosopher: Fredrika Spindler
Graphic design & production: QUARTO
Sponsor: Pille Repmakarn
Co-production: SITE (production center for performing arts)
Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Culture Committee and The International Dance Programme – The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé’s International Programme for Dance Artists


Critical Practice (Made in Yu) is a platform for support to young and emerging writers who write and reflect dance and performance as well as the relevant and referential fields and topics. The platform exists since 2013 and was conceived through collaboration of Station Service for contemporary dance, Lokomotiva from Skopje, Nomad Dance Academy network and Ana Vujanović as the program mentor. This year participants of the programme are: Alexandra Balona (Portugal), Nassia Fourtouni (Greece), Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia), Nina Gojić (Croatia), Ana Letunić (Croatia), Ellen Söderhult (Sweden), Mateusz Szymanówka (Poland) and Aniko Szucs (Hungary/USA).

Critical Practice (Made in Yu) is part of the Life Long Burning project, and can be followed here: http://criticalpractice-madeinyu.info/.

This year the programme is supported and promoted by The Tisch School of the Arts / New York University.

POSTKONDENZ – October 29th at 8pm in BITEF Theatre – EDEN

EDEN juxtaposes two worlds that are simultaneously present in the meeting between a performer and an audience. The here and now of the theatrical meeting collides with the realm of images that hover in the spaces within, outside and in-between the bodies. Working with these images through a figure of a clown, EDEN collides opposites and stages paradoxes playfully and with a sense of humor. EDEN is not a blissful state of rest. EDEN is a place of healing with a razorblade.

If tenderness was concentrated to an essence, or turned to extremity beyond imagining, what would it look like, would I remember it like this? Joe Kelleher

Concept, creation and performance: Mala Kline
Space, light & costume design: Petra Veber
Music by: Alen and Nenad Sinkauz (East Rodeo)
Music arrangements & Live music: Luka Ropret
Sound design & Feedback: Sašo Kalan
Assistance: Lucija Barišić and Adriana Josipović
Advising: Andrea Božić, Guy Cools
Costume design assistant: Amanda Kapić
Techical director: Zoran Grabarac
Producer: Žiga Predan
Production: Pekinpah & E.P.I. center
Co-production: DasArts Amsterdam, Kino Šiška, Student Center Zagreb – Culture of Change – Theater &TD, Tanzquarter Wien, EN-KNAP / Španski borci
Support: modul-dance, Ministry of Culture RS, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport RS, City of Ljubljana; With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union in the framework of the modul-dance project www.modul-dance.eu


KONDENZ festival of contemporary dance and performance 2016 is supported by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Culture, networks Life Long Burning nad Nomad Dance Academy, East European Performing Arts Platform, Trust for Mutual Understanding and Movement Research, Embassy of Sweden in Serbia and program “Creative Europe” of the European Union.

Festival will be held within the program “Na sopstveni pogon” realized by the Association Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

Partners of the festival: Magacin u Kraljevića Marka, Cultural Center Rex, BITEF Theater, club “Petak”, Rekonstrukcija Women Fund and Smart kolektiv.