Kondenz Festival

KONDENZ, Festival of contemporary dance and contemporary performing arts presents a variety of performances by authors from Serbia and abroad, facing numerous challenges which have become a constitutive part of the festival itself. Since its beginning in 2008, KONDENZ in each edition absorbed production (non)conditions of its critical and experiment-oriented programme and production format, offering to the audience, often by including the audience, new forms of festival production, art expression and direct acting in the field of culture and society. KONDENZ tries to react on the ever more present trend of moving away of artists and cultural workers from this country by opening a space for continuous professional work in Serbia and presentation of their works produced abroad, thus keeping continuity of the scene through a wide platform called “extended scene”.

Enthusiasm of the organisers – collaborators of Station Service for contemporary dance and local artists and their commitment to preserve spaces for critical action in the field of contemporary performing arts, make possible regular presentations of Station’s productions in the frame of the Festival.

If you are interested to find out more about our festival program for 2016, feel free to contact us via stanicainfo@gmail.com or +381 64 3901 877.

See you @ KONDENZ!

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